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We are focused on providing advanced level software training like Big Data Training, Hadoop Training, Data Science Training, Python Training, Machine Learning Training, Selenium Training in Cochin Kerala.

Data Science - ML - AI - Big Data with Cloud & Tableau

Data Science - ML - AI - Big Data with Cloud & Tableau

Python, Hadoop, Spark, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Tableau, AWS Cloud.

Course contents for Big Data - Data Science - Machine Learning - Deep Learning (AI)Training in Kochi, Kerala. 

Course Contents :

1. Big Data Analytics (Hadoop & Spark)
2. Python & Advanced Python
3. Data Analytics
4. Maths for Data Science
5. Data Science with AI- Python
6. Machine Learning - Python
7. Deep Learning - Python

⏰ Duration: 5 Months, 6 Days a Week, 2-3 Hours/day

Detailed Syllabus

Apache Hadoop

Python, Unix commands, SQL, Apache Maven, IntelliJ IDE, Git, Bash script, AWS EMR, Big Data Analytics, Cloudera Hadoop, Hadoop Architecture, Hadoop Installation Mode and HDFS, Hadoop Clustering, Map Reduce (Version 1 & 2), YARN Application, SQL, Pig, Sqoop, Hive, HBase, Project

Apache Spark

Python, Introduction to PySpark, Spark Basics, Spark Installation, Spark RDDs & Pair RDDs, Spark Application Deployment, Parallel Processing, Spark SQL, Spark - MLlib(Machine Learning), KNN, Kmeans, GMM, Naive Bayes, Spark Data Frames, Spark Streaming, Kafka, Spark Advanced Concepts, Spark Project.


Introduction to Amazon Web Services, AWS EC2, AWS EMR, AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)

Python & Advanced Python

Introduction to Python, PyCharm, Language Fundamentals, Conditional Statements, Looping, Control Statements, String Manipulation, Lists, Tuple, Dictionaries, Functions, Modules, Input-output, Exception Handling, OOPS Concepts, Regular Expressions, Multithreading, Functional Programming, Map, Reduce, Filter, Iter tools, Python to DB.

Data Science & ML

A-Z of Python(Core and Advanced), Numpys, Pandas, Data Frame, Sci-kit,  Exploratory Data Analytics using Python (EDA), Data Wrangling, Data Visualization, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Machine Learning, Supervised Learning - Regression (Simple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, Decision Tree Regression, Evaluating Regression Model Parameters), Classification ( K Nearest Neighbors ( KNN ), Naive Bayes Classifier, Decision Tree Algorithm, Random Forest Algorithm, SVM), Unsupervised Machine Learning - Introduction To Clustering Algorithms, K-Means Clustering, Elbow Method for the optimal value of k in K-Means, Hierarchical Clustering, Capstone Project, Dimensionality Reduction, Principal Component Analysis. 

Deep Learning & AI

Natural Language Processing(NLP), NLTK, Neural Networks, CNN, CNN Alexnet, RNN, LSTM, TFIDF, Keras, Tensorflow, Speech recognition, Transfer Learning, Chatbot, Microsoft bot framework, AI chatbot, Rasa chatbot, Open Computer Vision (OpenCV), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Capstone Project.

Data Visualization - Tableau

Working with Tableau Public, Connecting Data with Tableau, Relationships in Tableau, Filters in Tableau, Adding Dimensions in Tableau, Granularity in Tableau Analysis and Calculations in Tableau, Plotting in Tableau, Logical Operations on Tableau, Visualisations in Tableau Dashboard and Stories


What is Data Science Eco-System?

The term Data Science is commonly used in the business field, and most of us would have probably heard it at least once. However, it is true that some of us do not know what data science really is. Data science is the creative art or process of blending various tools, machine learning programs, and algorithms. The primary goal of data science is to discover and extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data.

In simple words, a data analyst helps businesses by analyzing data and gives them a clear idea of what is going with their business. Data analysts do not just give you real-time information about your business and insights, instead, they are also able to predict the occurrence of a future event by relying on advanced machine learning tools. This is why the process of data science continues to be integral for startups, small-scale, and large-scale businesses. 

Why Learn Data Science

A survey conducted by NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Services Companies) revealed that approximately 1 and a half lakh job positions remain vacant in the field of data science. It is estimated that there will be a deficit in the number of data science professionals by more than 2 lakhs by the end of next year. 

However, our country has witnessed an increased demand for data professionals over the last couple of years. The above-mentioned stats clearly indicate that this is the perfect time to attend a big data training course and pursue a career in the field of data science. 

How We Can Help You
Data Science is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and highly rewarding career options in today’s digitally competitive era. As the demand for data science professionals is expected to grow, pursuing a career in the field is sure to help young and aspiring candidates to meet all their career-related goals. Finding a reputed institute is the best step of the journey, and this is where Luminar Technolab can be of great help to you.

The comprehensive data science course that we offer covers a wide range of important Data Science concepts. You can gain proper knowledge of data extraction, data collection, data mining, and data exploration along with advanced topics that cover artificial intelligence and machine learning through our course. The expert team of data science experts at our disposal will ensure a seamless and smooth learning experience for all candidates. Your search for an institute that offers the best data science training in Kochi ends with Luminar Technolab. 

At Luminar Technolab we offer a comprehensive course that covers the whole aspects of the Data Science Ecosystem including Big Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Visualization - Tableau, data processing, Data Munging, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

Why Luminar Technolab
✅ ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
✅ Training by highly experienced and certified professionals
✅ No slideshow (PPT) training, fully Hands-on training
✅ Interactive session with interview QA’s
✅ Real-time projects scenarios & Certification Help
✅ Most competitive & affordable course fees
✅ Placement support for all courses
✅ List of established & satisfied clients & students
✅ Located Near Infopark Cochin.

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Python Django - Full Stack Web Development Expert

Python Django - Full Stack Web Development Expert

Core Python, Basics of Programming, Unix Commands, Advanced Python, Django Framework, REST API, Web Concepts & Tools.

Detailed Course Syllabus

Core Python

Introduction to Python, Unix Commands, PyCharm, Syntax, Conditional Statements, Looping, Control Statements, String Manipulation, Lists, Tuple, Dictionaries, Functions, Modules, Input-output, Exception Handling.

Advanced Python

OOPS Concepts, Regular Expressions, CGI, DataBase, MySQL, Networking, Multithreading, GUI Programming, Tkinter.

Django Framework

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, MVC, Web Site Management, Migrations, Database Connectivity, Change Database, View Functions, Redirecting, Rendering, URL Configuration, Django Shell, Django REST, Course Project.

Duration: 3.5 Months (3 hours/day) 

Why Learn Python?

Over the last few years, the growth of Python Language is Tremendous and the opportunities in Python are also in a rapidly increasing trend for both Experienced and Freshers.

By learning Python, one can choose to work in multiple areas like Data Analytics, Data Science, Web Development, Machine Learning, Data science, etc.

Luminar Technolab's Python Training at Kochi will make you equipped to work in multiple domains with our world-class Training methodology and evaluation systems. You can check out our Placements history to see the quality of our Python Training.

Why Luminar Technolab.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
✅ Affiliated to NACTET (
✅ Training by highly experienced and certified professionals
✅ No slideshow (PPT) training, fully Hands-on training
✅ Interactive session with interview QA’s
✅ Real-time projects scenarios & Certification Help
✅ Most competitive & affordable course fees
✅ Placement support for all courses
✅ List of established & satisfied clients & students
✅ Located Near Infopark Cochin.

We Provide Below mentioned courses in Python Training at Kochi.

1. Python Data analytics Training
2. Python Django Web Development Training.
3. Python Machine Learning Training
4. Python Data Science Training.
5. Python Artificial intelligence Training.

Call us now to know more.

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Software Testing Specialist

Software Testing Specialist

Manual Testing, Java foundations, Mobile Testing, Selenium IDE, Selenium Web driver, Selenium Advanced Web driver, Selenium Grid, Apache Maven, SQL workshop, JMeter -Perfomance Testing, API Testing, POSTMAN, Bugzilla, Course Project

Duration: 2.5 months ( 2-3 hours / day)


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MEAN Stack Web Development Expert - Angular & React

MEAN Stack Web Development Expert - Angular & React

MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular, React.js and Node.js.


MEAN Stack is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies which is used to develop web applications. It is a stack of MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, React.js and Node.js.

MEA(R)N Stack Course Details:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • MongoDB

Duration: 3.5 Months (3 Hours/day)

Detailed Syllabus

Module 1: Web Components

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript/ES6, Bootstrap, Angular , JSPM, GULP, NodeJS, Express /Loopback, MongoDB, Basic web concepts, Advanced Web Concepts, RDBMS, REST API

Module 2 - MongoDB

Introduction, install, Data modeling, Create Database, Limit, Sort, and Indexing, find() method, Replication, and sharding, Create Backup, Create Database & Collections, Drop Database & Drop Collection, Datatypes, Aggregation, Deployment, Mongodb with Nodejs

Module 3 - Express JS

Introduction, Install, Routing, HTTP Methods, URL Building, Middleware, Templating, Static files, Form Data, Express with Database (MongoDB), Cookies, Sessions, Authentication, Rest APIs, Scaffolding, Error handling and debugging, Best Practices

Module 4 - Angular

Introduction, Install, How to set up a project, Angular CLI, Components and modules, Data binding and Event binding, Templates and Directives, Pipes, Routing, Services, HTTP Service and HTTP Client, Forms, Angular animations and materials

Module 5 - NODE JS

Introduction, Install, How to create a nodejs app, how to create a nodejs server, sending basic request and responses, Node Package Manager (NPM), Callbacks concept, Event-driven programming concepts, Event loop, and Emitter, Buffers, Streams, File system, Global objects, Utility modules, Web module, Rest API through Nodejs, How to scale a nodejs application, Packaging.

Course Overview

The MEAN Stack training helps you to get complete knowledge in all JavaScript Technologies and make you a skilled MEAN Stack developer. We have real-time working professionals as trainers who can train and master you in both front-end and back-end development and build your career.

In this 4 Month MEAN Stack Training course program, we start from the basics and trained you to get hands-on the front-end tools such as Html, JavaScript, CSS, Jquery, AngularJS, etc and then continue to the backend skills. In this training program, we will help you work with real-time projects. We also provide you with 100% placement assistance after your course completion.


Technologies that represents MEA(R)N

  • M represents MongoDB - A cross-platform document-oriented database program
  • E represents Express.JS - A web application framework for Node.js
  • A represent AngularJS - A JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework
  • R represent ReactJS - A JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework
  • N represents Node.JS - An open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment


MEAN Stack Developer 

A MEAN Stack developer is the one who can do the development process that falls within these sets of technologies MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJs, NodeJS. They are like JS-based application developers. MEAN Stack gained popularity because it allows developers to apply the same language for frontend development as well as backend. 

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Business Analytics - Power BI & Tableau

Business Analytics - Power BI & Tableau

Course Contents.

Introduction to Business intelligence, Power BI, SQL basics, Data Warehousing, Tableau, Project

Duration :  2.5 Months (2-3 Hours /day)

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Android Developer Expert Training In Kochi- Flutter

Android Developer Expert Training In Kochi- Flutter

Java, Dart, Flutter Introduction to Android, Android Studio, AndroidManifest.xml, Directories, Layout Designing, Basics & Intents, UI Designing, Composite & Custom Views, Time, Date & Dialog Boxes, Media & Menu, Google Map, Fragment & Material Designs, Notifications, Telephony & Connectivity, Internal Storage & External Storage, Async Task, Parsing & Shared Preferences, SQLite Database, Firebase, API Testing Using Postman, Web Services, Design Patterns, Course Project.
Duration : 3 months.
Mode: Online Classes ( 2-3 Hours/day)

The Best Android App Development Training In Cochin

Android app development is all about making easy-to-use and effective mobile apps, as well as knowing how consumers interact with these programs. Planning the architecture, designing the UI, and implementing the app’s functionalities is the main goal of Android developers. They should also be quite up-to-date with regards to mobile technologies to create the best applications. To have the right skills for developing Android apps, getting trained from the best Android Training Center in Cochin is a must.

Getting Trained In Android Development

Are you seeking an opportunity to be an Android application developer? If yes, you should try to get your training in Android at a center that is knowledgeable in the app industry standards; like Luminar Technolab.

Making their basic coding expertise, data structure skills, and object-oriented programming concepts stronger is the basis for Android developers. Joining for Android training in Kochi offered by Luminar Technolab can give you more than just education. It can also offer you hands-on Android exposure, placement assistance, and so forth.

The Android World Is Full Of Opportunities

With Android development growing to include new programming languages, it is a must to get knowledge in these languages to have better job opportunities. The proliferation of Android users has resulted in more demand for Google’s OS-based apps. With businesses increasingly turning to mobile apps, there exists a vast number of job opportunities in the IT market. There is much scope for the Android development process in several industries.

Nowadays, Android is the operating system for the vast majority of smartphones. The OS has also forayed into wearables, automobiles, and television sets. It is already the leading OS in smart TVs, which is an obvious sign of where Google’s product is going. Therefore, Android app development is also important for wearable devices, TVs, vehicles, and so forth.

Several new tech companies have been seeking Android developers for a while now, to fill up the vacant positions. As per presently available statistics, the most job opportunities in 2019 were for Google Android app developers. It has been more than 10 years of Android, and the OS appears to have arrived at a certain maturity level. Anyhow, it does not seem that the job market is slowing down. Several companies are seeking skilled Android app developers even today. This is why you might want to join a center for Android training in Ernakulam.

It has not been this easy to learn Android as there are several avenues to do it. With the best center, you can rest assured that you will have what it takes to be a sought-after Android developer. So, if you are looking for Android Training- Flutter in Kochi, contact Luminar Technolab today!

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Machine learning & Data Science ( Online)

Machine learning & Data Science ( Online)

Introduction to Python & Numpy
Data Wrangling with Pandas
Data Manipulation with Pandas
Data Visualization (Seaborn, Matplotlib)
Descriptive & Predictive Statistics

Exploratory Data Analytics (EDA)
Supervised Learning Regression
Supervised Learning Classification
Decision Tree & Random Forest

Unsupervised Learning Clustering
SQL for Data Science
Natural Language Processing

Neural Networks
Computer Vision (Open CV),
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Tensor Flow

Case Studies
Capstone Project

Duration: 2 Months 

Mode: Online 


1. Christy Abraham Joy

Currently Working as Data Scientist at 10xDS - Exponential Digital Solutions.

2. Chandramouliswaran Rangasubramani

Entrepreneur, Technology Strategist & Advisor
17+ Years of experience in Software development. 10+ Years in Software architecture. Freelance Big Data - Python - Java - ML & AI Consultant. Senior Guest Faculty & Technical Advisor at Luminar Technolab. Worked in more than 150+ Big Data, ML & AI Projects.

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