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Big Data - Data Science - Machine Learning - Deep Learning (AI) Expert.

Python, Hadoop, Spark, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, AWS Cloud.

Course contents for Big Data - Data Science - Machine Learning - Deep Learning (AI)Training in Kochi, Kerala. 

Course Contents :

1. Big Data Analytics (Hadoop & Spark)
2. Python & Advanced Python
3. Data Analytics
4. Maths for Data Science
5. Data Science with AI- Python
6. Machine Learning - Python
7. Deep Learning - Python

⏰ Duration: 5 Months, 6 Days a Week, 2-3 Hours/day

Detailed Syllabus

Apache Hadoop

Python, Unix commands, SQL, Apache Maven, IntelliJ IDE, Git, Bash script, AWS EMR, Big Data Analytics, Cloudera Hadoop, Hadoop Architecture, Hadoop Installation Mode and HDFS, Hadoop Clustering, Map Reduce (Version 1 & 2), YARN Application, SQL, Pig, Sqoop, Hive, HBase, Project

Apache Spark

Python, Introduction to PySpark, Spark Basics, Spark Installation, Spark RDDs & Pair RDDs, Spark Application Deployment, Parallel Processing, Spark SQL, Spark - MLlib(Machine Learning), KNN, Kmeans, GMM, Naive Bayes, Spark Data Frames, Spark Streaming, Spark Advanced Concepts, Spark Project.

Python & Advanced Python

Introduction to Python, PyCharm, Language Fundamentals, Conditional Statements, Looping, Control Statements, String Manipulation, Lists, Tuple, Dictionaries, Functions, Modules, Input-output, Exception Handling, OOPS Concepts, Regular Expressions, Multithreading, Functional Programming, Map, Reduce, Filter, Iter tools, Python to DB.

Data Science & Analytics (Python)

Numpys, Understanding the N-dimensional data structure Creating arrays Indexing arrays by slicing or more generally with indices or masks, Basic operations and manipulations on N-dimensional arrays, Plotting with Matplotlib, Accessing Data From Multiple Sources Reading and writing data from local files (.txt, .csv,.xls, .json, etc), Reading data from the database, Scraping tables from web pages (.html), Pandas and data frames, Working with Pandas data structures: Series and DataFrames Accessing your data: indexing, slicing, fancy indexing, Boolean indexing, Data wrangling, including dealing with dates and times and missing data, Adding, dropping, selecting, creating, and combining rows and columns, Data summarization and aggregation methods, Pandas powerful group by method, Reshaping, pivoting, and transforming your data, Seaborn - statistical data visualization, Introduction to Data Analytics using Power BI, Project.

Python - Machine Learning and Deep Learning with AI

Introduction to Python, Jupyter Notebook, Basic Packages, and Data Preprocessing, Pandas and Numpy, Missing Data, Categorical Data, Splitting of Data, Feature Scaling, Regression, Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, Decision Tree Regression, Evaluating Regression Model Parameters, Classification, Logistic Regression, KNN, SVM, Evaluating Classification Model Parameters, Clustering, KMeans Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction, Principal Component Analysis, Keras, Tensorflow, CNN, NLP, TFIDF, Computer Vision (Open CV), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Course Project.

What is Data Science Eco-System?

The term Data Science is commonly used in the business field, and most of us would have probably heard it at least once. However, it is true that some of us do not know what data science really is. Data science is the creative art or process of blending various tools, machine learning programs, and algorithms. The primary goal of data science is to discover and extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data.

In simple words, a data analyst helps businesses by analyzing data and gives them a clear idea of what is going with their business. Data analysts do not just give you real-time information about your business and insights, instead, they are also able to predict the occurrence of a future event by relying on advanced machine learning tools. This is why the process of data science continues to be integral for startups, small-scale, and large-scale businesses. 

Why Learn Data Science

A survey conducted by NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Services Companies) revealed that approximately 1 and a half lakh job positions remain vacant in the field of data science. It is estimated that there will be a deficit in the number of data science professionals by more than 2 lakhs by the end of next year. 

However, our country has witnessed an increased demand for data professionals over the last couple of years. The above-mentioned stats clearly indicate that this is the perfect time to attend a big data training course and pursue a career in the field of data science. 

How We Can Help You
Data Science is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and highly rewarding career options in today’s digitally competitive era. As the demand for data science professionals is expected to grow, pursuing a career in the field is sure to help young and aspiring candidates to meet all their career-related goals. Finding a reputed institute is the best step of the journey, and this is where Luminar Technolab can be of great help to you.

The comprehensive data science course that we offer covers a wide range of important Data Science concepts. You can gain proper knowledge of data extraction, data collection, data mining, and data exploration along with advanced topics that cover artificial intelligence and machine learning through our course. The expert team of data science experts at our disposal will ensure a seamless and smooth learning experience for all candidates. Your search for an institute that offers the best data science training in Kochi ends with Luminar Technolab. 

At Luminar Technolab we offer a comprehensive course that covers the whole aspects of the Data Science Ecosystem including Big Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, data processing, Data Munging, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

Why Luminar Technolab
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✅ Interactive session with interview QA’s
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Albin Paulose
BCA 2018
Harin Rajan
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Arya Jayanand
B.Tech ECE - 2016
Jibil George
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Gibin Biju
B.Tech CSE - 2019
B.Tech ECE - 2018
Nisha B Kamath
Ajil Aleyas
B.Tech EEE - 2017
Varsha K R
MCA - 2017
MSc. CS - 2012
Neethu S
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Kiran R
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Aiswarya S Kumar
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Aiswarya Rajeev
B.Tech ECE - 2018
Amritha Chandran
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Alan Johny
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Kavya S
B.Tech EEE - 2017
Amal Rag C
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Ajith Kumar
MCA 2019
Neetha Mary Paul
M.Tech CSE - 2015
Nikhil Cherusola
B.Tech ECE - 2017
Afzal Abdul Azeez
B.Tech MECH - 2018
James George
B.Tech ECE - 2015
Vijesh Kumar
B.Tech ECE - 2015
Aleena N Sunny
Msc. Statistics - 2019
Gokul Gangadharan
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Tibinmon Devasia
B.Tech CSE , 2018
Dakshin J V
B.Tech EEE - 2019
Badhusha K Muhmmed
Diploma Computer Science - 2019
Riya Tom
Msc. Mathematics - 2019
Tinu Mukkada
Msc. Mathematics - 2019
Suhaiz Ali K B
B.Tech - Petrolium - 2019
Vinay S Gopal
B.Sc Electronics - 2015
MCA - 2017
Syam Prasad
B.Tech ECE - 2017
Abhiram S
BCA - 2019
Dipu Jo George
B.Tech IT - 2019
Anandhu K R
MCA - 2018
Jinson K J
MCA - 2018
Lipina B
MCA - 2017
Bimmitha G B
MCA - 2016
Arathy S
B.Tech CSE - 2017
Rithu Merin
B.A Economics - 2017
Shifna Sherin V P
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Ann Mary Varghese
MCA - 2018
Arjun V S
M.Sc CS - 2019
Anu Unnikrishnan
M.Tech CSE - 2013
Anuprabha S
B.Tech CSE - 2019
Muhsina K
B.Tech CSE - 2018
Arya Sreedevi
B.Tech CSE - 2017
Feby Paul
B.Tech ECE - 2017
Jithu S
B.Tech ECE - 2018
Resma John
M.Sc Physics - 2018
Sruthy N
Msc. CS - 2019
Megha Kailas
M.Tech CS - 2015
Jaigy Joseph
B.Tech IT - 2015
Aravind S P
MCA - 2017
Ashwathy V Shaji
M.Tech CS - 2013
Athira Sukumaran
B.Tech EEE - 2014
Hima S Nair
B.Tech ECE - 2016
Soorya Prashant
Placement Services
Karthika R
B.Tech CS
Gopika B Nair
MCA - 2019
Nayana George
MCA - 2019
Greeshma Biju
MCA - 2019
Silpa P M
B.Tech CSE - 2018
Poornima Prakash
M.Sc Applied Electronics - 2018
Albin Mathew
M.Sc Electronics - 2018
Trija Jose
MCA - 2017
Grace Eapen
B.Tech EEE - 2010
Rahul B Nair
BCA - 2019
Ajai K M
B.Tech ECE - 2019
Eldho Baby M
Placement Services
Muhammed Riyas
Placement Services
Anagha Warrier
Jiby Mol Thomas
BCA - 2019
Nithin Nainan
Neethi R Nair
M.Tech EEE - 2014
Jaseentha Immanuel
Angela T V
B.E CSE - 2016
Saranya T S
B.Tech ECE - 2014

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